About Us

Are you a dog lover? Do you want your dogs to live their life to the fullest with you as their forever companion? This is the right site for you as we strive to change the world for our dear furry companions and their guardians.

Doghouse.bz will be here to help you bring reviews and giveaways of the top brands, provide resources for life with a happy, healthy dog, and do it all with the help from dog lover experts.

I am Cindy and I’m the fur-covered lover l behind this website. I have always loved dogs, but I have a soft spot for thick furry breeds, particularly Chow chow.

I do a lot of volunteer work for dogs and I am also a rescue volunteer for dogs who are in desperate needs. I am a college student and responsible a pet guardianship advocate.

My one and only dream are to provide every dog a perfect home because I know that dogs truly can make our lives wonderful.